Software Products

The TSC monitoring system is based upon the StruxureWare Data Center Expert platform from Schneider Electric. The hardware is a 1U, rack-mountable high-performance server running a hardened Linux operating system. The monitoring system sends alarms via email or SMS text to the TSC remote monitoring team as well as any other contacts requested.

The urgency of every potential source of an alarm is predefined during system configuration and included in the content of each notification message. This, along with other pertinent details included in each alarm message, provides the information needed to determine if the alarm is “Critical” and warrants immediate action.

Depending on the level of service requested, a number of actions may result from alarms received:

L1: Alarm oversight and escalation with group outbound email notification management.

L2: L1 + comprehensive alarm analysis with monthly suggested action reports. Includes critical, warning, and informational alarm logs which are reviewed monthly by our engineers.

L3: L1 + L2 + Alarm response escalation procedures by TSC service personnel.