TSC Maintenance Services

male technician removing server from server bank

It is our number one priority to ensure that equipment operates efficiently with minimal downtime. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure all operational objectives are achieved. TSC will listen to your requests and concerns as it pertains to the operation of your critical environment. Every situation is different, so with our 30 years of experience, we will tailor your service solutions to meet the needs and budget required.

Most of the products that we represent have extensive factory warranties. We maintain the documentation on the warranties and will coordinate with the manufacturer should you need to utilize the factory warranty. At the end of the effective warranty, TSC can provide warranty extensions or additional coverage to make sure the equipment is covered.

In the event that you did not purchase TSC products, we will provide services for other manufacture’s equipment. We want to make it as easy on you as possible, allowing you to have one vendor to manage all of your assets. This permits you to focus more time on your business needs and not managing service vendors.

We offer services for the following equipment: Generator, ATS, STS, RPP, UPS, PDU, Chiller, CRAC/CRAH