Data Center Assessment Services

technician in clean suit working on electrical panel

Today’s data centers advance at a rapid rate so as to meet the IT needs generated by business requirements. This advancement produces state-of-the-art challenges producing complexities in the maintenance of critical facility infrastructure. With every new server, switch, or storage device that is added or moved, a change is caused to the infrastructure that supports the IT equipment. These changes, if not checked periodically, can cause glitches that can lead to failure or even downtime.

TSC’s data center assessment will inspect the ability of the critical infrastructure that supports the IT equipment. A comprehensive data center assessment will analyze your existing infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability and availability. Included in an assessment:

  • a site inspection
  • an evaluation of the load capacity constraints
  • identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks
  • an assessment of the concurrent maintenance capacity of the site
  • recommendations for improvements
  • a comparison to the identified business objectives for the intended use of the space.
TSC will supply you with the information necessary to manage your facilities for optimum performance, extend the life of your hardware, and ensure the highest level of availability.

During the assessment TSC will collect data pertaining to:

  • Power and power distribution

  • Cooling and cooling distribution

  • Critical infrastructure capacity and utilization

  • Environment and building conditions

  • Outside factors that could cause issues