When presented with challenges such as location or low capital and operational costs, TSC takes pride in past successes that prove we can provide a reliable solution without compromising quality. Through Power Quality Analysis, we collaborate with our customer in the planning stages, design the space, manage the project, and provide the products needed to build a state-of-the-art critical facility.

Financial Company

Location: Dallas, TX

Services: Planning, Project Management, Products

TSC worked with this financial company from the beginning, helping define the desired level of reliability as it correlated to the business strategy. TSC convened with the client to understand their IT, facility operations, and goals for the new data center. We presented various types of critical power and cooling methodologies to support their specific IT and facility goals. The customer wanted an N+1 cooling, power and 3 separate power feeds to the data center while keeping the data center space to a minimum. TSC used APC power and cooling, Russelectric ATS, and CurrentTechnology SPD to achieve this reliability. In addition, TSC deployed APC StruxureWare software for monitoring. Lastly, we provided project management to ensure the plan/design instituted went effortlessly and provided the client with all lifecycle services.

Insurance Company Fortune 500

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Services: Planning, Design, Product

TSC worked with a consulting engineer to solve ever-changing power distribution requirements in a computer test lab. PDI Track Busway was installed with interchangeable and hot swappable power drops that allow the client to make changes to power drops as required by the test underway. The Track Busway had a 400 amp capacity and replaced equivalent distribution panels that would have been used. Power availability at every location is 120 / 208 volt single or three phase.

Telecom Data Center

Location: Carrollton, TX

Services: Design, Planning, Project Management, Project

TSC assisted the owner and consulting engineer for a 100,000 square foot data center supporting revenue based customer service. The system was designed utilizing two utility services and four back-up generators. The client had two existing engine generators sets to be interfaced with two new engine generators and then paralleled with the utility services in a closed transition configuration to ensure minimal impact on the data center operations. In addition to the Russelectric paralleling control switchgear, TSC recommended and implemented CurrentTechnology SPD devices throughout the facility to protect from lightning based transients events, as well as events generated on the utility grids. Also with this project TSC implemented PDI power distribution units designed in a dual input configuration to serve downstream loads so the client could achieve maximum available uptime.

School District

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Services: Power Quality Analysis, Design, Products, Installation, Project Management

TSC worked with the consulting engineer to improve the power quality and strengthen the reliability due to the increased density of electronics used in the district. The ISD set their sights on building a first-class Environmentally Friendly/Green facility and the APC UPS and Cooling unit made the objective possible. We recommended using Hot Aisle containment, along with PDI Busway, and CurrentTechnology SPD to mitigate any transient surges the school could see from either lightning or the utility grid. TSC provided complete integration of APC’s StruxureWare software for monitoring the facility. Our company provided a turnkey installation and now provides all data center lifecycle services. TSC Services also continues to perform remote monitoring and dispatch for the customer.

Colocation Company

Location: Dallas, TX

Services: Design, Procurement, Installation, Project Management, Financial


TSC engaged with a local colocation company that wanted to deploy a small data center (under 200kW) that had three major challenges: capital cost, operational cost, and location. The large high-rise in which the data center was located caused several design issues. In less than 4 months, TSC provided a complete solution by installing the data center while coming in under-budget. TSC implemented a Generator, Transfer Switch, UPS, InRow Cooling, Server Racks, HotAisle Containment, and Software Monitoring. TSC Services also worked with the customer to help with their lifecycle services which include, Generator, ATS, UPS, Cooling and remote monitoring software. TSC Services also customized a cooling rapid response contract in the event the customer has a cooling issue.