Power Temp Modular Quick Connects

Power Temp Systems, Inc has been providing standard-setting portable power distribution products since 1991. Our innovation and can-do approach to any challenge has lead to the development of patented advancements that are quickly becoming the industry standard. We are the go-to source for anything related to portable power distribution.

Power Temp Systems offers the following products

– Basic Wall Mount Inlet or Outlet Box
– Spec Grade Wall Mount Inlet or Outlet Box
– Spec Grade Split Door Wall Mount SER TKI-TKI Access
– Spec Grade Split Door Dual Purpose TKI ISO
– Spec Grade Rotary Quick Connects
– Dual Purpose Rotary Quick Connect, Breaker options
– Portable Gen Pad Mounts w/ Cam Lok & Smart Lugs
– Portable Gen Pad Mount

Power Temp utilizes smart lug technology to make temporary power connections convenient and repeatable. All boxes are NEMA 3R rated.