PDI Remote Power Panel

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PDI’s RPPs provide the added distribution capacity you need in a variety of power distribution configurations, all of them in a small footprint.

The Advantages of RPPs

A Remote Power Panel (RPP) provides power distribution extensions from PDUs or other power sources directly to server racks with several benefits:

Distribution capacity: Your PDU may have ample power capacity, but no extra breaker or panelboard capacity. An RPP, powered from a single PDU subfeed or 208V distribution panel, provides circuit (or pole) capacity so that you can easily expand your server capacity without adding PDUs.
Cooling: PDUs are usually placed outside the server room because of the heat they generate. As distribution extensions of PDUs in the server room, RPPs reduce cooling needs.
Footprint: RPPs are footprint-compatible with server racks (2êž‹ x 2êž‹ or 2êž‹ x 4êž‹) and architecturally compatible with server rack designs.
Server layout flexibility: RPPs can be placed virtually anywhere on the server room floor, adaptable to various equipment layouts.
Maintenance: RPPs, RPP panelboards, or individual circuits can be shut down for maintenance while the associated PDU remains powered up.
Distribution Capacity in a Small Footprint

A PDI RPP can pack in a lot in a 2′ x 2′ floor tile footprint:

Dual feeds
Up to 168 circuit breakers in four panelboards
PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System
WaveStar® Color Monitor or WaveStar® Monitor (monochrome)