APC Modular Power Distribution

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The Schneider Electric™ Modular Power Distribution line is the world’s first fully scalable three-phase power distribution system. Our Modular Power Distribution products provide cost-effective high levels of availability, and enable toolless addition of circuits and cord-sets.

Up to 72 poles of three-phase power are distributed to the load by scalable power distribution modules (PDMs). These factory-assembled and tested PDMs allow you to easily adjust to changes in demand: data center growth or consolidation, or IT equipment upgrades that increase power density.

Through the innovative use of autotransformer technology in the 300 mm 266 kVA Modular Power Distribution Unit design, a tenfold increase in efficiency yields greater density, reduced floor space, and much lower heat impact on today’s power-hungry data center. Use of higher distribution voltage also brings smaller diameter cord-sets, further reducing first costs.

Easily implement ultra-high efficiency and scalability for three-phase power distribution in demanding, business-critical applications.

• Modular and scalable

• Minimized downtime caused by moves, add-ons, and changes

• High-density distribution in a sleek NetShelter™ enclosure

• Multiple transformer rating choices (208 V, 480/208 V, 600/208 V, and 480/415 V) in 300mm and 600mm enclosures

• Factory-assembled Power Distribution Modules with breaker position monitoring

• Rack-based for agility and aesthetics

• Network manageable via Web interface, SNMP, and Modbus • Compatible with StruxureWare™ Data Center Expert