APC MGE Galaxy 5000

Company Website: http://www.apc.com
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Flexible three-phase power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements, from medium data centers to industrial and facilities applications.

The MGE Galaxy™ 5000 offers state-of-the-art technology that increases performance and reliability, protecting against all power quality disturbances while allowing you to customize a solution to meet your unique specifications. The space-saving reduced footprint, power factor corrected input to prevent oversizing cables, circuit breakers, and generator result in lower total cost of ownership and overall customer savings. Upstream harmonics management allows a generator-friendly installation and flexible configurations for even the most demanding designs.

Features such as parallel capability for both capacity and redundancy, full front access for ease of serviceability, user-friendly graphical display with multiple language options, and SNMP with network-based power management options make the Galaxy 5000 one of the easiest UPS units in its class to manage and maintain.