APC EcoBreeze

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The EcoBreeze™ air economizer is a pre-engineered and tested product designed to meet the expanding requirements for data center efficiency. EcoBreeze provides multiple modes of economization to maximize energy efficiency during the year. Additionally, it can utilize a supplemental mechanical cooling circuit to maintain the data center cooling set point on the worst of ambient conditions.

Available in a 20ft(6m) or a 40ft (12 m) ISO frame, the modular design allows for scalability in 50kW increments up to 400kW of total cooling capacity. The intelligent controls and redundant components of EcoBreeze air economizers maintain reliability and availability during constantly changing ambient conditions.


• Redundancy: All modules can operate independently.

• Supplemental DX Circuit: Proportional supplemental R-410a refrigeration circuit can maintain the supply air set point during extremely high ambient conditions.

• Isolated Airstreams: Airborne pollutants and humidity swings are prevented from entering the data center environment.


• Electronically Commutated Fans: Data center heat load is matched with fan speeds to provide highest efficiency and reduce total power consumption.

• Two Forms of Economization: Indirect evaporative cooling and air-to-air heat exchange utilize ambient air to cool the data center, reducing operating costs by up to 75 percent.

• Partial (Mechanical) PUE: Economization eliminates the need for compressor operation requiring only fans and pumps to facilitate cooling, achieving partial PUEs as low as 1.05.


• Modular and Pay-as-you-Grow: Design allows the user to add 50 kW modules to the frame as their cooling needs increase.

• Single Footprint: All cooling is done in a single footprint outside the data center, allowing fast and easy deployment as well as eliminating the need for multi-system cooling.

• Ducted Return/Supply: Eliminates cooling equipment inside the white space and allows highly flexible air distribution to and from the data center.

• Placement: Units can be placed on rooftop or adjacent to facility.