Tubbesing Acquisition of Digitech Sales Significantly Expands its Capabilities in the Southwest Region 

(Dallas, Texas) Tubbesing, a mission-critical services company that offers solutions and software to ensure the creation and maintenance of reliable infrastructure for companies where it is of vital importance, is excited to announce its merger with Digitech Sales, a leading manufacturer’s representative group in the Southwest.

By joining forces with Digitech, the experts at Tubbesing want to create an even larger, more powerful organization with more than 60 representatives to support infrastructure solutions. The expansion connects customers in Texas and Oklahoma to a more complete infrastructure portfolio to meet demanding deployment needs.

“This merger allows us to expand our solutions for customers,” said Aaron Casey, President of Sales and Service for Tubbesing. “Combining our strengths and expertise allows us to be more accessible to more people and makes us a valuable asset in the new smart buildings market.”

In addition, the move will allow Tubbesing to partner with brands represented by Digitech, such as Belden, a leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitization solutions.

“Our goal has always been to provide customers with the best products possible for their infrastructure networking needs,” said Lee Snedaker, President of Digitech. “Combining our product knowledge and trusted partners with Tubbesing’s industry expertise will establish an incredibly powerful resource for clients.”

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Digitech Sales serves many of the top growth verticals including industrial manufacturing, commercial real estate, higher educational, K-12, healthcare, and data center markets. Its relationship with notable trusted partners, such as Belden, has made it a leader in product solutions.

“The partnership between Belden and Tubbesing accelerates Belden’s presence in the Southwest and makes our solutions more available and ccessible,” said Kyle Schrimpf,

Senior Sales Director at Belden. “It also enables Tubbesing to offer the infrastructure solutions its customers have been asking for to support their mission-critical projects.”

For more than 40 years, Tubbesing’s team has been relentlessly focused on using its talents, industry knowledge, and experience to help customers run their businesses without interruption. It’s commitment to integrity and efficiency, as well as its partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, ensures clients receive high-quality service and peace-of- mind when it comes to reliable infrastructure and protection of their most valuable assets.

For more information about Tubbesing or to arrange an interview with Aaron Casey, Lee Snedaker, or Kyle Schrimpf, please contact Silver Hogue at 214-697-3113 or silver.hogue@hck2.com.

About Tubbesing

Tubbesing is an agency operating across the central southern United States offering mission critical solutions, services and software for all markets requiring 100% uptime. Since 1983, Tubbesing has been the premier provider of critical infrastructure solutions for data centers, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities and more. Contractors often face the daunting challenge of coordinating with multiple vendors, risking delays and subpar product quality. Tubbesing simplifies the process by offering a one-stop solution backed by unrivaled knowledge and expertise. With a focus on top product manufacturers and rigorous quality assurance, Tubbesing ensures reliable and durable solutions for its customers. From product selection to ongoing maintenance, Tubbesing is dedicated to delivering exceptional support throughout the product lifecycle. For more information, visit www.tubbesing.com.