Rising energy costs, government directives, and environmental concerns are directing industries to concentrate on the comprehension and management of energy consumption. Critical facilities are fundamental in all aspects of business, having insight in to the health of the equipment in real time is crucial for twenty-four – seven, 100% uptime. This data will help cultivate better business practices, help strategize for expansion, and alleviate complications well in advance before they become issues.

TSC provides you with the most reliably remote monitoring for critical facilities 100% of the time. We also offer you software engineer experts on Mission Critical Power & Cooling who can analyze a facility’s data to ensure optimal operations. With in-house Engineers, on site Project Managers, and Field Service Technicians, we have the resources to be your significant data’s extra layer of protection.

Possible solutions for your issues within your business:

Coordinate power management: To optimize organizational power consumption, IT and facilities management systems need to be managed and measured.

Reduce energy consumption:The Department of Energy (DoE) estimates that PCs left powered on are only in use for 9% to 15% of the time. To combat this disparity between usage and consumption, organizations are seeking a more comprehensive solution than a simple, out-of-the-box setting.

Change employee behavior: As an organization’s business and green policies change over time, employees need to easily retrieve information about energy consumption and adjust devices and operations accordingly.

Bridge the gap between IT and facility management: In general, enterprise buildings account for 25% of total energy consumption. Within buildings, IT equipment, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) consumption accounts for 25% and 75%, respectively. An energy management solution needs to not only address but eliminate the need for separate IT and building energy systems.